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26 Paid Gold Newsletters

26 Paid Gold Newsletters

Here is an anthology of the most informative paid gold newsletters for 2015. If we have missed yours, please contact us here and we will promptly assess it and respond as quickly as possible. In these volatile economic times, it is vital to be an informed gold investor. These paid gold newsletters provide up-to-the-minute news and commentary about events that could make or break our financial lives. This is our reason for taking the time to create such an inclusive inventory of paid gold newsletters.

The Certified Gold Exchange also has an extensive list of free gold newsletters.

1.      Addicted to Profits

Dave Skarica was one of the youngest people to pass the Canadian Securities course and become a financial advisor all before the age of 20. During this time, he also began his newsletter Addicted to Profits. Then in January, 1999, he authored his first book Stock Market Panic! How to Prosper in the Coming Bear Market. Dave has also been a contributing editor to Canadian MoneySaver and Investors Digest of Canada. It was customary to see him on Michael Vaughn’s small cap spotlight on ROBTV and has also attended the nationally syndicated Vicki Gabereau program.

 2.      Agora Financial

With Agora Financial Reserve, you get almost every publication they publish for as long as you like. This is the place to find the most comprehensive analysis and very informed suggestion on what is happening as well as where to go next. They offer everything from blue chips to penny stocks, ETFs to OTCs. You also have access to the Lifetime Income Report, Addison Wiggin’s Apogee Advisory, Addison’s Wiretap, Capital & Crisis, Outstanding Investments, Mayer’s Special Situations, Technology Profits Confidential, Options Hotline, Resource Trader Alert, as well as much, much more.

 3.      BIG GOLD 

Gold investments offer the edge to security, inflation protection, and potentially huge profits. BIG GOLD makes this process much simpler with effortless maintenance of a portfolio of mid to large-cap precious metals producers and related ETFs, mutual funds, physical gold and silver, etc. BIG GOLD delivers online access to all the stocks presently being pursued, together with current price, as well as the most recent news, a look into all past issues, tons and tons of valuable articles and special reports, and access to hundreds of resource companies.

 4.      Block Traders Oil & Gold Monitor ( 

If you want to see your profits multiply right before your eyes, then Block Traders Oil and Gold is for you. Peter Way is very confident in oil and gold…oil and gold…oil and gold!!! That’s it! Peter has remitted his perceptive analysis for more than 25 years to institutions and has live evidence of how well the specific market intelligence works, stock by stock. He has chosen the 50 or so precious metals and energy stocks that the professional block traders know so well. Every week he singles out the few stocks with a more than 70% chance of being advantageous over the next 3 to 6 months. 

 5.      Dines Letter

The Dines Letter includes an extensive amount of material established upon years of investigation and knowledge. There are four principal areas which are greatly covered and when merged are referred to as DIQUIN or The Dines Quintet Method of Investigating: fundamental, visual, mass psychology, and the secrets of high states.

 6.      Exploration Insights

At Exploration Insights, the cultured investor will receive independent and open-minded analysis of the junior mining and exploration market. Brent Cook, an adept geologist and mining stock analyst, writes and produces this newsletter more or less every seven days. He has worked in virtually every geological environment in over 60 countries and offers commentary on proposed mine sites. Besides focusing on his newsletter, he also maintains his business as advisor to funds and companies.

7.      Financial Sense

Financial Sense’s main goal is to educate the average as well as less novice investor. Basically, it’s all about education. Their mission is to offer a place where many different outlooks about the market can thrive, so that all readers can obtain an ample amount of information that they can apply to their financial lives. Usually, the views, perspectives, and information presented on Financial Sense diverge from those presented in “mainstream” media; often they even differ from those of the Financial Sense staff and that of its parent entity, PFS Group. The staff at Financial Sense believe that with such knowledge some very creative, dynamic, and educational debate of ideas can only enhance the experience with FS.

 8.      Fleckenstein Capital 

Fleckenstein Capital was created to guide readers to think for themselves. At Fleckenstein Capital, you won’t acquire the magic formula of which stocks to choose from…but you will get Fleck’s opinions, ideas, strategies, decisions, as well as all the information he gathers so that the reader may come to their own conclusion as to what their next step should be.

 9.  Global Watch Gold Forecaster

Glem reklamen – slik blir rentene på et forbrukslån

The focal point here is how the whole picture relates back to gold. The gold price is looked at as an effect of the global panorama. The great thing about Gold Forecaster is that it is for everyone… from the novice to the judicious to the expert. The newsletter guides and educates, keeps you updated on a weekly basis, and reviews only the optimum investment choices which offer expert industry insight. This will give the investor (or reader) the advantageous tools required to steer carefully through the bumpy precious metals market.

 10.  Gold Newsletter


When you think of a newsletter that has been around for quite some time, you think of Gold Newsletter. It is actually one of the most solid and revered precious metals and mining stock advisories at the international level. For 40 years, they have offered top-notch quality analyses of the precious metals market as well as opportune advice of high-potential, undervalued, and under-reported mining and exploration shares.

 11.  Gold Scents Premium

Smart Money Tracker Premium

This is a financial site focusing on the gold secular bull market. Toby Conner offers a free as well as a premium newsletter.

 12.  Gold Stock Analyst

The success of the Gold Stock Analyst newsletter is quite notable: A portfolio with their Top 10 Stocks has outperformed every Gold benchmark since 1995. They base their strategy on pure fact. GSA’s Professional Investor subscribers love the detail and rigor of their analysis, but it’s sometimes too much for Individual Investors who want just the results. So, Gold Stock Analyst has become two newsletters; GSA-Pro for Professionals and GSA-Top10 for Individuals. Both newsletters deliver the same Top 10 stocks, but with different levels of data and details.

 13.  Gold Stock Bull Newsletter

Gold Stock Bull has, as its main goal, acquiring strategies for profiting in the bull markets in gold, silver, energy, and agriculture. Jason Hamlin is quite prominent in analyzing charts and trends for the world’s largest market research companies, very proficient in fundamental and technical analysis and has consulted to Fortune 500 companies at the international level. Junior mining companies that are undervalued relative to their peers is his specialty.

14. Harry Schultz Letter

Chevalier Harry D. Schultz, KHC, KM, KCPR, KCSA, KCSS is the creator of the Harry D. Schultz Letter as well as an author of many books. He has been offering his commentary for over 4 decades and is recognized as a founder of the investment Newsletter in Switzerland. Interesting fact: According to the International Edition Guinness Book of Records 1981-2000, Harry Schultz is the highest paid investment consultant in the world fetching anywhere from $3,500 to $4,500 dollars per hour.

15.  International Speculator

With the International Speculator you will receive constant analysis and suggestions on a weekly basis of high-quality gold and silver exploration stocks with actual potential for double and triple-digit returns in a short period of time. There is quite a lot of research to indulge with as well as a monthly synopsis of the global economy and how to position your investments for the utmost protection and profits.

 16.  J Taylor’s Gold, Energy, and Tech Stocks

This newsletter is weekly and monthly. Within J Taylor’s Gold, Energy, and Tech Stocks you will find quite a bit of gold and silver mining stocks, oil, gas, uranium stocks, essential technology stocks as well as an investment portfolio that has gained over 300% since the bear market in stocks began in 2000. You will also have the opportunity to read numerous interviews with independent thinking investment professionals. J Taylor’s proprietary Inflation/Deflation Indicator is included.

 17.  Ormétal Inc.

Ormétal is geared towards educating their investors about all of the options available to them. They focus on the natural resources market as well as the junior companies traded on exchanges and encompass precious metals, base metals, energy as well as other metals and minerals. Their reason for directing their attention towards these markets and companies is because the ‘exploration and exploitation of natural resources and the production of raw materials derived there from, are essential to the development of technologies that improve the quality of human life and the price of natural resources continue to increase long-term due to continued growth in global demand and a significant decrease in supply’.

 18.  The Aden Forecast

For approximately 3 decades, the Adens have been interpreting, writing, and lecturing in the gold stock newsletter business. Maryanne and Pamela Aden are the co-editors, writers and publishers of The Aden Forecast, a monthly investment journal exclusively focused on the U.S stock market, mutual funds, gold stocks as well as other stocks.

 19.  The Casey Report

It isn’t a simple task to guess, even wisely, how to best position your investment portfolio. With Casey’s Club on your side, though, you have a better chance at coming out on top.

 20.  The Daily Gold Premium

TheDailyGold Premium

Here it’s all about stock selection and market timing. The Daily Gold Premium is normally published twice a week. With your subscription you will also receive 3 bonus reports: Top 5 stocks for 2012-2013 (24 page report), Top 3 silver stocks for 2012 (28 page report), and the Long Term Gold and Silver Outlook (18 page report).

 21.  The Midas letter

The Midas Letter is normally a subscription newsletter but is currently closed to the public offering free updates which should be looked into. You may subscribe on an invitation basis, though. Its publisher and editor, James West, is involved in independent capital markets as well as investing. Spending more than 20 years as a corporate financial adviser, corporate development officer, investor relations officer, media relations and business development officer for companies involved in mining, oil, and gas, alternative fuels, healthcare, internet technology, transportation, manufacturing, and housing construction.  He has a lot to say about many different areas.

 22.  The Ruff Times

The Ruff Times is composed of six very wise strategies: knowledge, discipline, self sufficiency, how government affects our lives, leverage, and peace of mind (if you have reacted wisely to your surroundings).

 23.  The Weber Global Opportunities Report

This is a very simple newsletter which typically pursues Chris Weber’s portfolio and normally includes recommendations on gold, foreign stocks, bonds, and others.  

 24.  VR GoldLetter Newsletter

VR GoldLetter has an impressive track record: #1 position by Timer Digest Magazine for the first half of 2011 and #2 U.S Gold Timer by the same magazine in the same year. Mark Leibovit, CIMA, AIF, is Chief Market Strategist for VRtrader.Com. Comprehensive market timing and stock options are his specialty because of his technical proficiency based upon his antidote VOLUME REVERSAL ™ methodology Annual Forecast Model. In tracking his Positive and Negative Volume Reversal ™ signals, Mr. Leibovit has had the opportunity to cultivate buy and sell signals on the markets and beneficially take advantage of the energy and volatility of short-term moves in a stock or index. His trading tactic offers transparent risk-management guidelines based on his technical volume indicators.

25. Silver Investor

Though technically a silver newsletter, Silver Investor is known for having the latest news and updates on precious metal markets.

26. Contrarian Advisors

This newsletter matches household investors with professional advisers and fund managers around the world.

Thanks for taking the time to browse our list of the best paid gold newsletters in 2015. To claim your free copy of our award-winning materials, including the Ore-Vision newsletter, Real Money Magazine and Gold & Silver Smart Moves for 2015, call the Certified Gold Exchange directly at (800) 300-0715 and discover why CGE has been known as “America’s Trusted Source For Gold” for over 20 years.

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Belinda MurelBelinda Murel ★★★★★ Working with Pat and the team at Certified Gold Exchange made the process of diversifying my retirement savings stress free. I’m confident the selection of precious metals offered were the best fit for my situation and at the best price. No high pressure sales tactics, just fact based answers to the questions and concerns I had. Highly recommend.Timothy FeeleyTimothy Feeley ★★★★★ Working with Certified Gold Exchange has been a positive experience. Working with Pat is not just working with another business vendor, I feel I am working with a trusted advisor. No hard sells. No wild claims. His explanation of the paperwork process between companies and his follow-up during the process is excellent. I appreciate his fact-finding approach to my specific needs. He always had time for me to ask questions and/or discuss ideas I was thinking about. A good business relationship.Warren RichardsonWarren Richardson ★★★★★ I had an excellent experience with Certified Gold Exchange. I dealt directly with Pat Collins who was professional, knowledgeable, informative, and very easy to work with. He responded quickly and precisely to any and all of my questions. Very highly recommended!Edward AlbertEdward Albert ★★★★★ I was looking to liquidate the precious metals in my IRA . The horror stories I had heard of about some gold and silver dealers had me very apprehensive. When I called Certified Gold Exchange and talked with Patrick, I quickly felt a sense of trust in his voice. He answered all my questions and understood my fear of getting taken advantage of. He and his team work very hard behind the scenes ensuring the transaction to go smoothly. As a result CGE has earned my 5 star rating! I will contact them again if I want to buy or sell in the future!ALAN BROWNALAN BROWN ★★★★★ Certified Gold Exchange's website really jumped out to me as I began researching precious metal IRA's. I found it to be incredibly comprehensive and informative, answering questions I did not even know to ask and alerting me to bad practices within the industry as well. So, I called and found the CGE team to be every bit as helpful as the website. They were responsive immediately and throughout the process of establishing an account and funding it. They were particularly helpful when dealing directly with my current custodian and getting funds rolled over. Pat and Mary have been courteous, personable, and very professional working with me and even helped with questions outside the immediate business at hand. I have already referred friends to CGE and will continue to do so.Alison WeinbergAlison Weinberg ★★★★★ Pat and team are very knowledgeable and professional!Ismail KenessyIsmail Kenessy ★★★★★ Customer since 2005. Professional, courteous, and helpful. CGE walked me through the process and provided the best prices available with minimum costs. Excellent service.Joe MurrayJoe Murray ★★★★★ What super service I received from the Certified Gold Exchange precious metals IRA team. Wow is all I can say! I had a large amount of coins in a gold and silver IRA for many years and decided to sell. I spent just about a whole day talking to several metals dealers about purchasing my metals. Call after call I did not feel good about what I was hearing with these dealers so I called the company that helped me set the gold and silver IRA up. Their name is Broad Financial LLC. I explained the problem I was having with finding a buyer and they said that is common in the industry. They told me to call the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc in Fort Worth, Texas. I spoke with Mr C there and was impressed that their quote was above the spot price (because I was hoping to get the spot price). They explained that American Eagles buy back at over spot and I said not with all the other dealers I called. I shipped the metals to their New York depository following the Certified Gold Exchange's instructions. Candace at CGE tracked the package every step of the way and I was updated along the way. Then when my metals arrived at the Certified Gold Exchange depository they told me that several of my coins were actually American Eagle Proof coins, not the bullion version I thought I had. They increased their original quote by $3000.00 dollars! Shocking that a company would be so honest because they could have just sent the original amount and I would have been happy. Needless to say I will never deal with a different metals dealer except the Certified Gold Exchange. Their gold IRA team is the best by leaps and bounds. I highly recommend Candice, Mr. C and the CGE team to any one looking to buy or sell metals with a great experience. Americans trusted source For Gold is not just a tagline with these folks.ted okolowiczted okolowicz ★★★★★ After searching and checking out different metals companies, I decided that Certified Gold Exchange Inc. was my choice. They have exceeded my expectations and made my IRA rollover easier than I thought.You can be very confident by the way every step was handled (very professional).So kudos to the whole TEAM and thank youJoseph GlassmanJoseph Glassman ★★★★★ I had a very good experience with Certified Gold Exchange and I highly recommend anyone considering a IRA Rollover into precious metals, talk to David White at Certified and do business with them. They are honest and will have your best interest as their concern.. David took care of my needs completely with honest and fair pricing. I shopped around and decided on Certified.Lefty and Mary JamoraLefty and Mary Jamora ★★★★★ Thank you David and Pat for educating us on the gold and silver markets. Pat especially helped us thru our first purchase of silver.M PhommahaxayM Phommahaxay ★★★★★ So glad I found CGE! Although, they don’t do business in my state, David White was so kind to take the time out of his busy schedule to educate me on precious metal investing. His advice was extremely valuable which saved me a ton of money. I would definitely recommend and refer any of my friends or family members interested in investing in precious metals in their service area. So thankful for David and this company!Rickey JohnsonRickey Johnson ★★★★★ My experience so far with Certified Gold Exchange was all very positive. Everything went smoothly and P. Collins was awesome in helping us navigate through the process.Aaron BrabhamAaron Brabham ★★★★★ I called Certified Gold Exchange to get information on a crypto currency IRA. I had a ton of questions and Steve not only answered all of them but also informed me of many things I had not thought of.I decided to invest $60k and in just three months it's over $120k! Not only that, the team at Certified Gold Exchange has excellent customer service.I highly recommend them.Mark OLearyMark OLeary ★★★★★ Philip with the certified gold exchange was incredibly helpful in helping me to setup a Cryptocurrency IRA. He knew exactly what questions to ask my existing custodian to make the rollover as seamless as possible. In just a short few months with the recommendations of Philip; I have already seen over a 250% return on my investment. Highly recommended.Gal TabGal Tab ★★★★★ The reason I give it the maximum stars is because everything happened just the way they planned it. I invested a considerable sum of money with them and as anyone would be, I was a little scared. I did my research and They came highly recommended as being ethical brokers. Their fees are very competitive and look forward to doing more business with them.Diana FincherDiana Fincher ★★★★★ I rolled over my IRA into Silver a couple of years ago and made a friend! Agent Pat C, Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., has far exceeded my expectations with continuing, careful watch over my investment. He always surprises with immediate personal response to my slightest question and inspires confidence to hold to The Plan. Pat’s personal touch and excellent recall is reassuring and has proven that he will keep me informed when any changes are advised. Ask for Pat - he’s excellent, excellent!Steve AstinSteve Astin ★★★★★ This was the 3rd company I called and by far the most professional. Thanks Patrick for the great service!Alicia O'RearAlicia O'Rear ★★★★☆ Thank you for donating 16 bibles for our foster children at Albuquerque Christian Children's Home! This is a wonderful company with a heart for ministry.Kyle SandersKyle Sanders ★★★★★ I was interested in doing a gold IRA rollover and contacted several firms after researching on the web. Certified Gold Exchange's website had the most useful information by far compared to other firms. Their representatives have been a pleasure to work with--professional, answered every question I had, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking at a gold IRA rollover.Robby BryantRobby Bryant ★★★★★ I am a Certified Financial Planner, and Certified Gold Exchange has helped us purchase gold for 16 years without a hitch for our clients and at excellent prices. We couldn’t be more satisfied!Anne SayreAnne Sayre ★★★★★ My husband and I were thrilled with the service we received at Certified Gold Exchange! Shipping our gold to us was quick and very simple. So happy we did not have to pay for the TV advertisements with celebrities like so many of the other precious metal companies. We will be buying again from CGE!Neenah PayneNeenah Payne ★★★★★ Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. is a highly professional firm that was a pleasure to do business with. It provides fast and accurate service. The firm went out of its way to be helpful on a number of key issues. I highly recommend them. I was extremely lucky for several reasons to have called the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. when I was ready to sell my gold and silver coins. When I called the firm, Liam on the service desk explained that they scan hundreds of gold dealers to get me the best price. That was very comforting.When I spoke with coin dealer David White, he was able to give me a quote in 3.5 hours. He also explained the importance of shipping my coins via registered mail with the Post Office. David said that the Post Office requires a registered box to be sealed with brown paper tape to prevent tampering. David emailed me links to sites that showed the right tape to use and how to seal the box. He called several UPS stores in my neighborhood to try to find the tape for me. In the end, I bought the tape from the Post Office. David explained that while Fedex and UPS would ship the coins, since they are not allowed to ship gold or silver, I would have no recourse if my coins were lost. David even gave me his home number so I could reach him after hours if necessary.My experience with Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. stands in stark contrast with how two other coin brokers responded. The firm from which I had bought most of my silver coins never called me back. On November 13 when I called the broker from whom I had bought most of my gold coins, I couldn't get through on the phone. So, I emailed them and it took 5 days for them to respond! The broker didn't give me a quote until December 2 -- and then only for some of the coins! He said he would tell me what they would pay for the other coins after I shipped them!In addition, that broker explained that one of their customers had lost all their coins valued at $22,000 because the box was tampered with and they had failed to insure them for the full amount. However, I knew by then that if the firm had told the customer to ship the coins via registered mail as Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. does, the box could not have been tampered with.So, Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. is the only gold and silver dealer I recommend. The level of service is truly remarkable.Jovita GarcesJovita Garces ★★★★★ What do you do with what little you have to put away for the future? After my divorce 16 years ago, I decided I needed to find an IRA and invest my children's money into something that would retain and grow in value through the years. I found a great website called Certified Gold Exchange that intrigued me and when I called, John listened and understood my needs and helped me understand the value of investing in rare coins and precious metals before taking that all important step. I am happy I took a leap of faith knowing the prospect for growth in my precious metals IRA and children's funds for college and maybe first home some day was very real. I believe I made the best choice for our future. I can always trust CGE to give me honest and dependable service everytime I call in them.Maria SMaria S ★★★★★ Patrick Collins and Certified Gold Exchange (CGE) Team: I appreciate the support, you took me on for this transaction when I wasn’t even an existing client. (Yes I know CGE made some money). It was you manner, caring and fast response that made me feel very comfortable with you.Your interest in helping me on such short notice shows how much you care for your clients. I hope 🤞 to have you as one of my financial team in the future.Natalia ArizaNatalia Ariza ★★★★★ Certified Gold Exchange is the best metals company in the US hands down!Paul LiftonPaul Lifton ★★★★★ Piper PetersonPiper Peterson ★★★★★ It's not always the case with precious metals dealers but the Certified Gold Exchange hires the best advisors in the industry and this is the reason for their outstanding reputation.Eric BenjaminEric Benjamin ★★★★★ We have purchased from several dealers and hands down these guys have been the best. Above and beyond are the words I would use to describe their service. You will not be disappointed if you have been on the fence about buying!Josh SingerJosh Singer ★★★★★ Working with Certified Gold Exchange has been a great experience. The Certified Gold Exchange staff are very very good communicators and clearly have a lot of experience. Anytime we had a question or needed anything from them they responded the same day, if not the following morning. I would recommend working Certified Gold Exchange. Hands down great communicators and great business people.Burt DumertonBurt Dumerton ★★★★★ I have been working with Certified Gold Exchange Inc. since 2005 and have found them to give exceptional service and prices for precious metals. They have always treated me with great respect and given extraordinary personal attention to my account and to me personally. Their advice on many occasions have kept me from making some pretty serious errors in my investment decisions. They are prompt to return my calls and take special care to not be pushy or arrogant. Excellent to do business with. Give John a call.js_loader
Real vs Fake
Protect Your Retirement!
Avoid These 10 Gold IRA Scams.

10 Gold IRA Scams Dealers Use On You

10 Gold IRA Scams
Dealers Use On You

Secure your retirement! Avoid these 10 Gold IRA scams.

Secure your retirement!
Avoid these 10 Gold IRA scams.

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    The Certified Gold Exchange is a national volume discount dealer supplying popular bullion and PCGS certified coins. Since 2020 most of our representatives work remotely. We no longer allow visitors to our Fort Worth Call Center but you can still get the same great service by calling.
    Our institutional staff does take visits from bank, and corporate clients. 
    To learn more about this policy please call 800-300-0715

    10 Gold IRA Scams Dealers Use On You

    10 Gold IRA Scams
    Dealers Use On You


    Secure your retirement! Avoid these 10 Gold IRA scams.

    Secure your retirement!
    Avoid these 10 Gold IRA scams.

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