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The Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. Anti-Money  Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing  Compliance Program. 

Updated and revised Octomber 2, 2023 

Thank you for reading the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., (CGE) Anti-Money  Laundering AML compliance plan of action. Additionally we have developed an  internal procedural training course for contractors and employees and all parties  associated with CGE (Team Members).  

FinCEN Rule(s): Under an interim final rule by the Financial Crimes Enforcement  Network (FinCEN), dealers in precious metals, stones or jewels are required to  establish Anti-Money Laundering programs. At a minimum, dealers must establish  an Anti-Money Laundering program that comprises the following four elements: 

  • Policies, procedures and internal controls, based on the dealer’s assessment of the money laundering and terrorist financing risk associated with its business; 
  • A compliance officer who is responsible for ensuring that the program is implemented effectively;
  • Ongoing training of appropriate persons concerning their responsibilities under the program;
  • An independent testing to monitor and maintain an adequate program. 

“FinCEN is issuing this regulation to better protect those that deal in jewels,  precious metals and precious stones from potential abuse by criminals and  terrorists. “The characteristics of jewels, precious metals and precious stones that  make them valuable also make them potentially vulnerable to those seeking to  launder money,” said William J. Fox, Director of FinCEN. “This regulation is a key  step in ensuring that the Bank Secrecy Act is applied appropriately to these  businesses.”

The interim final rule applies to “dealers” that have purchased and sold at least  $50,000 worth of “covered goods” during the preceding year. The dollar threshold is  intended to ensure that the rule only applies to persons engaged in the business of  buying and selling a significant amount of these items, rather than small  businesses, occasional dealers and persons dealing in such items for hobby  purposes. 

“Covered goods” include jewels, precious metals, precious stones and finished  goods (including but not limited to: jewelry, numismatic items and antiques) that  derive 50 percent or more of their value from jewels, precious metals or precious  stones contained in or attached to such finished goods. The interim final rule is final  and binding.” 

Because of our ironclad resolve and set in stone AML policies, CGE is not a good  target for the cleaning or disguising of criminal proceeds. We continually vow to do our absolute best to thwart any attempts to use our products to assist in any  criminal activities including money laundering and terrorist financing.  

Money laundering refers to act(s) of disguising, concealing, camouflaging, hiding or  structuring illegal proceeds for the purpose of misrepresenting the true source of  said funds. Included in the act of money laundering is terrorist financing, which is  the act of concealment of liquid asset or monies (both legal and illegal) in aim of  supporting and/or funding acts of terrorism. 

The metals retailer Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., its team members, contractors  and its related subsidiaries apply all of their commercially reasonable efforts to  comply with every FinCEN regulation. As a retailer of gold, silver and other precious  metals, the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., uses due diligence and all of its  commercially reasonable efforts to source 100% of our metals from only dealers  that also comply with all FinCEN regulations, the Patriot Act, Office of Foreign  Assets Control (OFAC) and the Bank Secrecy Act. 

The Certified Gold Exchange Inc. has an ironclad policy against aiding and abetting  in the act of money laundering, terrorism financing or facilitating any and all illegal  acts as governed by the Patriot Act, OFAC, FinCEN as well as forbidding the violation  of any U.S. state and/or federal law. 

Placement is the first stage of money laundering: 

The criminal or his agent(s) buys liquid assets like prepaid credit cards, travelers  checks, moneygrams, cashier checks, money orders, etc, with the proceeds of a  crime.  

Layering and micro layering is the second stage of  money laundering. 

After placement is completed, the criminal then moves the monies from one  financial organization to another attempting to conceal the true source of the illegal  funds. Micro layering is moving smaller amounts with the aim of bypassing  reporting requirements. 

Integration is the third step of money laundering. 

Switching the financial assets into what appears to be legitimate assets (buying  cars, small business, properties, etc.). These seemingly legitimate assets can later be sold to support their lifestyle. Integration could take place with family not even  aware of the true criminal source of the asset(s). 

Our Designated AML Compliance Officers 

This compliance plan has been created and is implemented by John Halloran &  Yanet Villalon (AKA Janet). 

John Halloran will act as lead designated AML compliance officer responsible for  setting and enforcing the Certified Gold Exchange’s official AML policy. John is also  responsible for training every team member to detect, prevent and report  suspicious activity. John can be contacted concerning AML inquiries at 1-800-300- 0715 Ext. 821 during normal business hours or by emailing johnjhalloran [@] gmail  dot com anytime.  

Yaneth Villalon acts as our outsourced contracted designated secondary AML  compliance officer. She can be contacted at janet-vill [@] certifiedgoldexchange dot  com.

Both John and Yaneth have completed and passed (Certificate Attached Here) the final  exam for the Anti-Money Laundering Course at the London Institute of  Business & Management.  

The AML compliance officer will also ensure that the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc.,  keeps and maintains all of the required AML records and will ensure that  Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) are filed with the Financial Crimes Enforcement  Network (FinCEN) when appropriate. The AML compliance officer is vested with full  responsibility and authority to enforce the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., AML  program.  

Independent Review of our Anti-Money Laundering  Plan 

Every 12 months minimally, Kenny Hansen or another qualified individual will audit  the CGE AML plan of action to ensure our AML strategies, policies and due diligence  procedures are being implemented as designed and adequate to stop any  criminal’s attempts to infiltrate our business. These reviews and transaction audits  will always be completed by someone not involved in the plans creation and never  by a compliance officer.  

The independent reviewer, Kenny Hansen, has taken and passed the Anti-Money  Laundering course at the London Institute of Business & Management and has an  accounting background so he is a qualified reviewer (Certificate Attached Here). Kenny  Hansen has also attended the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  AML webinar for broker dealers held on 6/27/2019. 


AML Risk Assessment 

1 – Country/Geographic Risks 

We have no Country/Geographic risks based on the definition of  Country/Geographic Risks used by FINCEN, FINRA or any other U.S. authority that  oversees money laundering activities. 

Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., sells to U.S. citizens only. Our main business activity is  to sell gold and silver coins and bars to investors that want to diversify from their  current 401k or IRA assets to gold and silver in the form of coins or bars which are  to be stored with a third party depository service and overseen by the authorized  IRA custodian. 

*401k and IRA are accounts tracked annually by the IRS and controlled by  custodians that have strict rules governing the creation and maintenance of such  accounts and are traditional not money laundering hotspots but diligence is still  required. 

We do occasionally sell to clients that want to buy for physical possession. The  funds come via personal check, wire transfer or ACH from a U.S. bank account, and  the metals are shipped to the client directly, or if the client is concerned with safety  of his/her investment, we do recommend a third party depository service like  DDSC, Texas Gold Depository or BRINKS. The contract is directly with the depository  and with the client. CGE has no control or access to the client’s assets.  

2 – Customer and Counterparty Risks 

Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., is not a click & buy online platform, in fact, all  prospective clients go through a lengthy phone interview with a sales  representative to find out the reason (legitimate intent) why they want to purchase  precious metals. This initial interview gives CGE the opportunity to assess the risk a  prospective client might pose.  

Here are some of the questions we ask: 

  • Are you looking to invest for long or short term? 
  • What is your main motivation for investing in gold or silver? 

o Current presidential agenda? 

o U.S. Debt? 

o Possible war? 

o Falling dollar? 

o Inflation? 

o Deflation?

At this point the prospective client is asked to expand on his/her thoughts about  what he/she says is the reason why he/she wants to buy gold or silver. 

  • Where is the money that will be used to purchase precious metals coming  from?  

o Cash accounts? (bank accounts) 

o Stocks? 

o Bonds? 

o IRA accounts?  

o Etc. 

Additional questions are asked to determine what he/she did or does for a living  and conclude if the amount he/she has to invest matches the kind of income  he/she has/had correlates to his/her skills. 

As a further security measure, all calls may be monitored and recorded for  compliance and training purposes. 

Finally, we do not accept cash or cashier’s checks as payments for a transaction,  only personal checks or bank wires/ACHs and we do not accept orders from a third  party.  

3 – Product Risk 

Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. offers gold and silver coins and bars only, but our  focus is on premium numismatics and semi numismatics which carry a higher  premium than their bullion counterpart. Such products are less desirable to money  launderers as the cost is much higher than the metals melt down value. 

As mentioned before, we focus on 401k and IRA accounts which account for 95% of  our transactions. In the occasion that we sell bullion, it is most likely to current  clients with an IRA account that want to buy some metals for home delivery. 

4 – Financing Method 

Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. accepts only checks, bank wires or ACHs and only  from U.S. banks. We do not accept foreign checks, wires or transfers of any kind.

Should a prospect want to purchase a product on behalf of a Trust or a Company  for physical delivery or 3rd party storage, we will proceed to collect legal name and  TIN for the company or articles of incorporation as proof of identification such as  U.S. Passport or official state DL/ID. Should the entity be a Trust, we will request  legal name and TIN if available or SSN and valid identification of all of its  beneficiaries. 

In regards to the buy-back process & payment, 98% of our buy-back transactions  are from existing clients, and payment for such transactions are in the form of a  company check or bank wire to a U.S. bank account under the client’s name. 

In the rare event that we buy-back product from a person who did not buy the  product from us originally, we will require: 

o a valid U.S. identification such as a DL, ID or U.S. passport o proof of address  

o We will ask where he/she originally purchased the metals from.  o How long has he/she had the metals for. 

Because CGE engages in transactions using exclusively the aforementioned  financial instruments and does not deal with any other form(s) of digital and  tangible currencies, therefore, we are not a good target for tax cheats and/or  money launderers. 

*CGE does not accept cash nor do we liquidate in cash or cash instruments. In fact,  since 1992, CGE has never had a cash transaction and this covers all purchases and  liquidations. 

5 – Control for Higher Risk Situations 

Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. will continue to train its staff with focus on its sales  team as they are the point of contact with the firm. We will have monthly meetings  in which possible money laundering scenarios will be discussed and how to detect  and report them. 

If we have reason to suspect that a prospective client is trying to hide his motives  for purchasing gold or silver, we will take the following steps:  

  1. Ask for additional identification information such as: 

                 a. Valid U.S. ID or Passport 
                 b. Proof of address such as telephone bill or bank statement 
                 c. If still employed, letter of employment 
                 d. If not employed, explanation of source of income 

     2. If the prospect client declines to provide the required information, we will  decline the transaction and report it to the AML compliance officer. 

     3. The AML compliance officer will determine whether we need to file a SAR  and/or report it to FINCEN. 
     4. The AML compliance officer will also submit all gathered information:  including name, phone number, IP address and audio recording of the             conversation with the prospective client, if applicable. 

Note: We have every reason to believe that our clients are deeply concerned with  the massive U.S. debt load economy and want to protect their assets from the  resulting inflation. 

Furthermore, in an effort to continue to aid AML policies, CGE has the following clause in the firm’s account agreement to deter criminals and terrorists: 

Legitimate Monies & Intent: By authorizing this contract and funding an account,  the customer represents and warrants to CGE that (i) this document has the  customer’s legal name and current address, (ii) that the customer is in complete  compliance with the Patriot Act, (iii) none of the monies for this and subsequent  purchases are derived from or in connection with money-laundering, terrorism or  any other illegal or illicit activity and (iv) the transaction is not part of a scheme,  involving or in support of terrorism, money-laundering or any other illicit or illegal  activity.

6 – Recordkeeping 

We will document our verification: including all identifying information provided by  a customer, the methods used and results of verification, and the resolution of any  discrepancies identified in the verification process. We will keep records containing  a description of any document that we relied on to verify a customer’s identity,  noting the type of document, any identification number contained in the document,  the place of issuance, and if any, the date of issuance and expiration date. We will  also keep records containing a description of the resolution of each substantive  discrepancy discovered when verifying the identifying information obtained. We will  retain records of all identification information for five years after the account has  been closed; we will retain records made about verification of the customer’s  identity for five years after the record is made. 

Rule: 31 C.F.R. § 1023.220(a)(3). 

7 – Comparison with Government-Provided Lists of Terrorists 

We will check the links listed below of known or suspected terrorists and use the list  as a list for CIP purposes, we will, within a reasonable period of time before an  account is opened, determine whether a customer appears on any such list of  known or suspected terrorists or terrorist organizations issued by any of the  federal government agencies designated by Treasury in consultation with the  federal functional regulators. We will follow all federal directives issued in  connection with such lists. 

8 – Monitoring Accounts for Suspicious Activity 

We will monitor account activity for unusual size, volume, pattern or type of  transactions, taking into account risk factors and red flags that are appropriate to  our business. Monitoring will be conducted through the following methods: When  the customer places a new order and taking into account the customer’s risk profile  which will serve as a baseline for assessing potentially suspicious activity. The AML  compliance officer or his designee will be responsible for monitoring and reviewing  all clients’ account activity, will determine whether any additional steps are  required, will document when and how this monitoring is carried out, and will  report suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.

We will document our monitoring and reviews in our client management system.  The AML compliance officer or his designee will conduct an appropriate  investigation if necessary and review relevant information from internal or third party sources before a SAR is filed.  

9 – Emergency Notification to Law Enforcement by Telephone  

In situations involving violations that require immediate attention, such as terrorist  financing or ongoing money laundering schemes, we will immediately call an  appropriate law enforcement authority. If a customer or company appears on  OFAC’s SDN list, we will call the OFAC Hotline at (800) 540-6322. Other contact  numbers we will use are: FinCEN’s Financial Institutions Hotline ((866) 556-3974). If  we notify the appropriate law enforcement authority of any such activity, we must  still file a timely SAR. 

Although we are not required to, in cases where we have filed a SAR that may  require immediate attention by the SEC, we may contact the SEC via the SEC SAR  Alert Message Line at (202) 551-SARS (7277) to alert the SEC about the filing. We  understand that calling the SEC SAR Alert Message Line does not alleviate our  obligations to file a SAR or notify an appropriate law enforcement authority. 

Rule: 31 C.F.R. § 1023.320. 

Resources: FinCEN’s website; OFAC web page; NTM 02-21; NTM 02-47 


For the following text, we will use the term team members to refer to  employees, independent contractors and partner corporations that may sell  or promote our products.  

AML Policy #1. Willful ignorance is not a legal, liable or ethical defense with money  laundering or terrorist financing. That means that all team members must take it  upon themselves to get the facts needed to thwart money laundering and terrorist  financing. Team members could personally be charged with a crime, be held  financially liable or answer to the ultimate authority for turning a blind eye to  money laundering activities occurring under their watch. 

If the growing and disturbing trend of money laundering continues, then legitimate  business owners will be empowering criminals and terrorists to commit further  crimes and acts of violence.  

Furthermore, in addition to an increased level of organized crime in the financial  sector, it could become common for criminal organizations to exert an influence  over legitimate economic activities on both local and national scales. 

We at CGE and all responsible businesses must immediately take all necessary  precautions to cease the flow of funds for terrorism and terrorist activities as if it is  left unchecked it will continue to grow from a nuisance to a devastating threat to  the international community. 

Consequently, the crucial countermeasure against money laundering and financing  of terrorism is for financial institutions to cooperate with one another. That said, all  CGE representatives from contractor interns to the CEO must make every possible  effort to prevent money laundering as well as its causes and consequences. 

CGE adheres completely to all local, state and national laws regarding Anti-Money  Laundering policies. The full and official statement of Certified Gold Exchange, Inc,  regarding money laundering and the CGE Anti-Money Laundering policy can be  found below. 

We have listed references to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Financial Crimes  Enforcement Network (FINCEN) policies, guidelines, policies, regulations and laws to  all of which we adhere as a company and as individual members of the CGE staff or  contractors. 

IRS – 

FinCEN – 

If you suspect someone of money laundering or currency crimes, please use form  3949-A to notify the IRS or visit the link below. Contact Fincen to complete a SAR at 1-800-767-2825 toll free or 703-905-359.

Further information regarding the money laundering prevention practices of the  Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. may be requested via the Contact Us page of or by calling (800) 300-0715, Monday-Friday 9am 6pm CST or by contacting the owner at his personal email address johnjhalloran  [@] gmail dot com anytime. 

NOTE: The sale of the following items to CGE, at the quantities specified, will be  issued a 1099B.

Karyn WortmanKaryn Wortman ★★★★★ My experience with the Certified Gold Exchange and Mr. Collins was exemplary. Mr. Collins gave so freely of his time and expertise. He suggested outside readings in order for me to gain further knowledge of the world of precious metals. He helped me better understand my own situation and guided me towards making the best decision under my circumstances. When I sought advice, he gave it to me willingly. Throughout the process he was friendly, upbeat, considerate and kind. The huge irony in all this is that from very early on in the process of our multiple communications, he became aware that I could not even be a client! Still, he gave me his time and guidance. This is something I have rarely, if ever, experienced in my almost 59 years in this world. Additionally, when he saw he and his company could not help me, he provided alternative businesses that could. Again, when have you experienced this? I called one company prior to CGE and when the representative told me he couldn't help me, the phone call was over. Period, the end. Hence, when I do have an opportunity to sell or buy precious metals, there is no other business I would consider using. I highly recommend CGE for all of your precious metal needs. Best of luck.gpaanagpaana ★★★★★ It has been my pleasure working with Patrick Collins and Sara with CGE inc.being new to selling metals, Patrick walked me step by step in the process through distributions with my IRA. Whenever I contacted him with questions or concerns, he replied within an hour or minutes to resolve my percieved issues. What a comfort Patrick has been in this (at times) somewhat stressful process.Thank you Patrick!Tandy ClineTandy Cline ★★★★★ I recently sold Gold and Silver through a precious metals IRA. I had an amazing team at CGE working to buy and handle the sales process of my metals. The team was fast, honest and overall outstanding. 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I look forward to a long term relationship with CGE and Patrick as a trusted precious metals dealer.Belinda MurelBelinda Murel ★★★★★ Working with Pat and the team at Certified Gold Exchange made the process of diversifying my retirement savings stress free. I’m confident the selection of precious metals offered were the best fit for my situation and at the best price. No high pressure sales tactics, just fact based answers to the questions and concerns I had. Highly recommend.Timothy FeeleyTimothy Feeley ★★★★★ Working with Certified Gold Exchange has been a positive experience. Working with Pat is not just working with another business vendor, I feel I am working with a trusted advisor. No hard sells. No wild claims. His explanation of the paperwork process between companies and his follow-up during the process is excellent. I appreciate his fact-finding approach to my specific needs. He always had time for me to ask questions and/or discuss ideas I was thinking about. A good business relationship.Warren RichardsonWarren Richardson ★★★★★ I had an excellent experience with Certified Gold Exchange. I dealt directly with Pat Collins who was professional, knowledgeable, informative, and very easy to work with. He responded quickly and precisely to any and all of my questions. Very highly recommended!Edward AlbertEdward Albert ★★★★★ I was looking to liquidate the precious metals in my IRA . The horror stories I had heard of about some gold and silver dealers had me very apprehensive. When I called Certified Gold Exchange and talked with Patrick, I quickly felt a sense of trust in his voice. He answered all my questions and understood my fear of getting taken advantage of. He and his team work very hard behind the scenes ensuring the transaction to go smoothly. As a result CGE has earned my 5 star rating! I will contact them again if I want to buy or sell in the future!ALAN BROWNALAN BROWN ★★★★★ Certified Gold Exchange's website really jumped out to me as I began researching precious metal IRA's. I found it to be incredibly comprehensive and informative, answering questions I did not even know to ask and alerting me to bad practices within the industry as well. So, I called and found the CGE team to be every bit as helpful as the website. They were responsive immediately and throughout the process of establishing an account and funding it. They were particularly helpful when dealing directly with my current custodian and getting funds rolled over. Pat and Mary have been courteous, personable, and very professional working with me and even helped with questions outside the immediate business at hand. I have already referred friends to CGE and will continue to do so.Alison WeinbergAlison Weinberg ★★★★★ Pat and team are very knowledgeable and professional!Ismail KenessyIsmail Kenessy ★★★★★ Customer since 2005. Professional, courteous, and helpful. CGE walked me through the process and provided the best prices available with minimum costs. Excellent service.Joe MurrayJoe Murray ★★★★★ What super service I received from the Certified Gold Exchange precious metals IRA team. Wow is all I can say! I had a large amount of coins in a gold and silver IRA for many years and decided to sell. I spent just about a whole day talking to several metals dealers about purchasing my metals. Call after call I did not feel good about what I was hearing with these dealers so I called the company that helped me set the gold and silver IRA up. Their name is Broad Financial LLC. I explained the problem I was having with finding a buyer and they said that is common in the industry. They told me to call the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc in Fort Worth, Texas. I spoke with Mr C there and was impressed that their quote was above the spot price (because I was hoping to get the spot price). They explained that American Eagles buy back at over spot and I said not with all the other dealers I called. I shipped the metals to their New York depository following the Certified Gold Exchange's instructions. Candace at CGE tracked the package every step of the way and I was updated along the way. Then when my metals arrived at the Certified Gold Exchange depository they told me that several of my coins were actually American Eagle Proof coins, not the bullion version I thought I had. They increased their original quote by $3000.00 dollars! Shocking that a company would be so honest because they could have just sent the original amount and I would have been happy. Needless to say I will never deal with a different metals dealer except the Certified Gold Exchange. Their gold IRA team is the best by leaps and bounds. I highly recommend Candice, Mr. C and the CGE team to any one looking to buy or sell metals with a great experience. Americans trusted source For Gold is not just a tagline with these folks.ted okolowiczted okolowicz ★★★★★ After searching and checking out different metals companies, I decided that Certified Gold Exchange Inc. was my choice. They have exceeded my expectations and made my IRA rollover easier than I thought.You can be very confident by the way every step was handled (very professional).So kudos to the whole TEAM and thank youJoseph GlassmanJoseph Glassman ★★★★★ I had a very good experience with Certified Gold Exchange and I highly recommend anyone considering a IRA Rollover into precious metals, talk to David White at Certified and do business with them. They are honest and will have your best interest as their concern.. David took care of my needs completely with honest and fair pricing. 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We will be buying again from CGE!Neenah PayneNeenah Payne ★★★★★ Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. is a highly professional firm that was a pleasure to do business with. It provides fast and accurate service. The firm went out of its way to be helpful on a number of key issues. I highly recommend them. I was extremely lucky for several reasons to have called the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. when I was ready to sell my gold and silver coins. When I called the firm, Liam on the service desk explained that they scan hundreds of gold dealers to get me the best price. That was very comforting.When I spoke with coin dealer David White, he was able to give me a quote in 3.5 hours. He also explained the importance of shipping my coins via registered mail with the Post Office. David said that the Post Office requires a registered box to be sealed with brown paper tape to prevent tampering. David emailed me links to sites that showed the right tape to use and how to seal the box. He called several UPS stores in my neighborhood to try to find the tape for me. In the end, I bought the tape from the Post Office. David explained that while Fedex and UPS would ship the coins, since they are not allowed to ship gold or silver, I would have no recourse if my coins were lost. David even gave me his home number so I could reach him after hours if necessary.My experience with Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. stands in stark contrast with how two other coin brokers responded. The firm from which I had bought most of my silver coins never called me back. On November 13 when I called the broker from whom I had bought most of my gold coins, I couldn't get through on the phone. So, I emailed them and it took 5 days for them to respond! The broker didn't give me a quote until December 2 -- and then only for some of the coins! He said he would tell me what they would pay for the other coins after I shipped them!In addition, that broker explained that one of their customers had lost all their coins valued at $22,000 because the box was tampered with and they had failed to insure them for the full amount. However, I knew by then that if the firm had told the customer to ship the coins via registered mail as Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. does, the box could not have been tampered with.So, Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. is the only gold and silver dealer I recommend. The level of service is truly remarkable.Jovita GarcesJovita Garces ★★★★★ What do you do with what little you have to put away for the future? After my divorce 16 years ago, I decided I needed to find an IRA and invest my children's money into something that would retain and grow in value through the years. I found a great website called Certified Gold Exchange that intrigued me and when I called, John listened and understood my needs and helped me understand the value of investing in rare coins and precious metals before taking that all important step. I am happy I took a leap of faith knowing the prospect for growth in my precious metals IRA and children's funds for college and maybe first home some day was very real. I believe I made the best choice for our future. I can always trust CGE to give me honest and dependable service everytime I call in them.Maria SMaria S ★★★★★ Patrick Collins and Certified Gold Exchange (CGE) Team: I appreciate the support, you took me on for this transaction when I wasn’t even an existing client. (Yes I know CGE made some money). It was you manner, caring and fast response that made me feel very comfortable with you.Your interest in helping me on such short notice shows how much you care for your clients. I hope 🤞 to have you as one of my financial team in the future.Natalia ArizaNatalia Ariza ★★★★★ Certified Gold Exchange is the best metals company in the US hands down!Paul LiftonPaul Lifton ★★★★★ Piper PetersonPiper Peterson ★★★★★ It's not always the case with precious metals dealers but the Certified Gold Exchange hires the best advisors in the industry and this is the reason for their outstanding reputation.Eric BenjaminEric Benjamin ★★★★★ We have purchased from several dealers and hands down these guys have been the best. Above and beyond are the words I would use to describe their service. You will not be disappointed if you have been on the fence about buying!Josh SingerJosh Singer ★★★★★ Working with Certified Gold Exchange has been a great experience. The Certified Gold Exchange staff are very very good communicators and clearly have a lot of experience. Anytime we had a question or needed anything from them they responded the same day, if not the following morning. I would recommend working Certified Gold Exchange. Hands down great communicators and great business people.Burt DumertonBurt Dumerton ★★★★★ I have been working with Certified Gold Exchange Inc. since 2005 and have found them to give exceptional service and prices for precious metals. They have always treated me with great respect and given extraordinary personal attention to my account and to me personally. Their advice on many occasions have kept me from making some pretty serious errors in my investment decisions. They are prompt to return my calls and take special care to not be pushy or arrogant. Excellent to do business with. Give John a call.js_loader
Real vs Fake
Protect Your Retirement!
Avoid These 10 Gold IRA Scams.

10 Gold IRA Scams Dealers Use On You

10 Gold IRA Scams
Dealers Use On You

Secure your retirement! Avoid these 10 Gold IRA scams.

Secure your retirement!
Avoid these 10 Gold IRA scams.

    We Do Not Allow Visitors to Our Call Centers. 
    The Certified Gold Exchange is a national volume discount dealer supplying popular bullion and PCGS certified coins. Since 2020 most of our representatives work remotely. We no longer allow visitors to our Fort Worth Call Center but you can still get the same great service by calling.
    Our institutional staff does take visits from bank, and corporate clients. 
    To learn more about this policy please call 800-300-0715

    10 Gold IRA Scams Dealers Use On You

    10 Gold IRA Scams
    Dealers Use On You


    Secure your retirement! Avoid these 10 Gold IRA scams.

    Secure your retirement!
    Avoid these 10 Gold IRA scams.

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