Certified Gold Exchange Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer – Since 1992

John Halloran was born in Illinois in November 1963, and he still has his Midwestern down-to-earth sensibility.

He is an over-the-top fanatic about customer service. As a matter of fact, John even feels bad service is downright un-American.

He usually says, “If you’re not going to treat the customer as someone special, then you should not be doing business in the USA.” He adds, “As a businessman, I should want the competition to have complaints and constantly let customers down. The fact is that I don’t: people deserve better when they invest their hard-earned money. If I could, I would personally work the customer service lines of other poor service dealers. I would let their clients know that bad service should never be normalized.”

John studied Marketing at the Wharton School of Business

Chief Financial Officer – Since 2008

Kenny Hansen was born in 1967 in Northern California. His greatest joy is being a husband and a father. Everyone agrees that Kenny is just about the nicest, most laid-back guy they ever met.

He is passionate about integrity, accounting, and family. If you ever have a sugar craving at the CGE headquarters, remember Kenny usually has a drawer full of candies in his office. However, since word got out, it’s generally locked!

Kenny worked with the multinational company Fujitsu before joining the Certified Gold Exchange.

Kenny studied Accounting at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Chief Operating Officer – Since 2004

Yaneth Villalon (AKA Janet) was born in February 1979 into a military family traveling the globe. In fact, half of the 55 countries she has visited were before her 18th birthday.

Maybe it’s because of the military upbringing, but Janet really loves order. Actually, her favorite Bible quote is Corinthians 14:40, “But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.” Janet has faith that the Bible contains answers to all life’s problems.

Before joining the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc., Janet worked at Sandstone Properties in Santa Monica, CA.

Janet studied Operations Management at Wharton School of Business and Systems Security at MIT.

The Certified Gold Exchange is a mascot friendly company. Below are some of the faces of the teammates that really run the show.





















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