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Please Enjoy The 2004 – 2021 versions of our Award-Winning Gold Newsletter: ORE-VISION, brought to you exclusively by the Certified Gold Exchange, Inc.

Our gold newsletter has been produced and mailed to clients of the Certified Gold Exchange since 1992. The online version has been available to the general public since 2004, and it is now archived here for your personal research purposes.

Certified Gold Exchange Inc Newsletter

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1st Qtr ORE-VISION 2021
January 2021
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2nd Qtr ORE-VISION 2021
April 2021
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3rd Qtr ORE-VISION 2021
July 2021
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4th Qtr ORE-VISION 2021
October 2021
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The ORE-VISION gold newsletter has been produced since its conception by Janet Villalon. Janet is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Certified Gold Exchange, and she is a vital part of our company’s success.

Our ORE-VISION publication is largely composed of 3rd party editorials from some of the biggest and brightest names in the gold and precious metals industries, and we also feature some of the bright minds we have in-house. Within ORE-VISION you will find insightful information on popular gold market investments like bullion bars and coins as well as PCGS and NGC certified coins.

Many of the articles are about the weakening global financial markets and how they relate to the gold market. You will also find helpful information on how to buy gold and silver, as well as tips on liquidation of your metals to maximize potential profit.

Additionally, ORE-VISION provides contact data for these accomplished writers conveniently listed along with each article. We encourage you to visit their websites. You will also find that many produce their own blogs, newsletters and various other publications. Spending a little time exploring the thoughts of these fine writers will vastly expand your knowledge of the certified gold investment market.

Please visit this gold newsletter page the first week of every quarter to get the newest version. You can also like and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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