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Understanding the 2019 Global MPI – Multidimensional Poverty Index

The Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030) looks far beyond economic scarcity and examines the importance of a multi-dimensional approach to the eradication of poverty. Goal 1 of the Sustainable Development Goals aims to end poverty in all of its many forms. The 2018 MPI addresses this lofty goal and provides a way to measure the progress of poverty eradication more effectively around the world. By looking at these metrics, one can see how the poverty situation is changing globally.

2018 Global MPI Dataset (By Region, Expressed in Millions)


The 2018 MPI estimates consider acute poverty indicators across multiple dimensions in 105 countries around the globe, accounting for 77 percent of the world’s population.

2018 Global MPI – Expressed in Poverty Dimensions with Indicators, Definitions, and Weightings

Looking far beyond income, the MPI seeks to understand how individuals simultaneously experience poverty in multiple ways. By looking at ten indicators across the three broad dimensions of standard of living, education, and health, the MPI identifies ways that individuals are left behind. Any individual who receives a weighted score of one-third or more across the various indicators can be classified as being subjected to multidimensional poverty.


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