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The Risk Of Not Investing In Gold

It’s true that there are risks with gold investing, yet there are also risks associated with not investing in gold, let alone the preventable possibility of investing in the wrong type of gold.

You may have read recently about the FDIC being on the brink of bankruptcy. In an attempt to mislead the public, this government-backed program has raised the limit of FDIC insurance from $100,000.00 per account to 250,000.00 per account, while simultaneously proclaiming that the Corporation is close to broke.

The FDIC has turned to banks and requested the pay FDIC fees for two years in advance, and this strategy has raised $93 billion for the Corporation coffers. The problem is illuminated when you realize that as few as ten US banks control 70 percent of US bank accounts, and they are each broke, despite the enormous bonuses that they continue to award their galactically ineffective employees. In the United States alone there are 2,056 banks that are struggling to stay afloat. If 1000 of these banks were to go bankrupt, the total loss would be over $500 billion, and insured depositors could take years to recoup their assets. The FDIC and their website clearly states that there is no time limit on when insured accounts would receive their just compensation. Any compensation would need to come from the Federal Reserve by means of chopping down a $3000 dollar tree to print currency, while simply issuing additional debt to our country’s already staggering load. With our government juggling so many apparent Ponzi schemes at one time, it is crucial to consider the risk of not investing in gold.

If the scenario of even more bank closures were to play out, would you have access to international monetary items like gold and silver to sustain your way of life? If the answer is “no”, then please consider the dire risk that your indifference to the gold market presents.

Additional government funded programs that are causing significant risk to your life include Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. State and federal pension programs are all operating on borrowed time. The inadequately funded liabilities in these programs alone are just over $90 trillion. Just drafting this paragraph makes this writer wonder how anyone could even consider allowing the government to intervene in our nation’s health care.

The risk of not investing in gold could mean that even the fortunate wealthy among you may wind up standing in line, and endlessly awaiting emergency government assistance (think Katrina). Call our gold specialists today, and ask about setting up your own personal plan B.

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