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What are the Most Popular PCGS Gold Coins?

The PCGS gold coin market is an ever-growing niche of the mainstream physical gold market. PCGS-certified gold coins provide investors and collectors with a number of advantages that cannot be obtained with any other form of gold. For example, bullion bars can be standardized by weight and purity but bars are subject to boring, shaving and other methods of miniscule theft. Bullion coins can become scratched rather easily, and the majority of gold bullion coin owners are completely unaware that the oils from our fingers can hasten oxidation and prevent the coin from ever becoming a rare collectible.

PCGS gold coins are individually encapsulated in air-tight, transparent plastic holders that allow the coin to be viewed from all angles. The coin’s “slabbing” takes place after its inherent gold content has been verified. PCGS technicians recently added the additional security measure of a tamper-proof holographic sticker; this sticker will fade and fall off once the case’s seal has been broken. Each PCGS gold coin is clearly labeled with the following information:

• coin’s year of mintage
• mint mark
• type of coin (Mint State, Proof, Cameo, Deep Cameo, etc.)
• Sheldon grade (0-70)
• PCGS-assigned bar code
• PCGS-assigned serial number

These features are meant to protect PCGS, gold dealers, institutions and average household investors. The most popular common-date PCGS gold coins (common dates) based on their performance over the last decade are:

5. $5 Indian Head MS62- This one-quarter ounce “Half Eagle” coin is quite popular with collectors, but more investors are starting to look at this coin as a viable way to trade goods and services for gold in the future. The yearly gains made by this particular coin have been astonishing for a rare fractional, with an average 7.2% rise becoming the norm during each of the last 10 years.

4. $20 Saint Gaudens MS62- The 62 “Saint” is popular with newer gold investors who want something private and protected from government confiscation. This MS62-rated Double Eagle has averaged a 10.4% return since 2002, and PCGS versions of this coin often outperform the standard gold spot price.

3. $10 Indian Head MS63- Popular with collectors and investors alike, this mid-grade fractional coin is classified as a collectible, and high-volume discount exchanges such as Certified Gold Exchange can often bring the investment cost down 5-9 percent from the standard retail value that is listed online at Common-date Indian Head coins in the MS63 grading range have increased an average of 12.7 percent per year over the last decade.

2. $20 Lady Liberty MS63- The original “Double Eagle” the Lady Liberty one ounce gold piece is undoubtedly one of the most popular PCGS gold coins. It often provides financial returns that beat the gold bullion market, and it provides investors with instant liquidity and complete privacy as it is deemed a collectible-type coin. With an annualized gain of 15.9% during the previous decade, this investment-grade rare coin is perennially popular among security-seeking individuals and banks.

1. $20 Saint Gaudens MS64- The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle was called “the most beautiful coin ever minted” by former US President Theodore Roosevelt and Mint State examples of these coins are extremely hard to find. Investors prefer the MS64-graded “Saint” due to its enthralling history, its proven profitability potential and the fact that the US government exempted such coins from confiscation when gold bullion was seized by our government during the Great Depression. Numbers-wise, the Saint Gaudens has far outperformed both bullion and other certified products. With an average 17.1% annual gain since 2001 and the number of available coins on the market shrinking by the day, the MS64 Saint Gaudens $20 piece looks to remain one of the most popular PCGS gold coins for years to come.

The aforementioned five coins are by no means the only PCGS gold coins on the market. PCGS examines and grades hundreds of gold coins per day, but coins that were manufactured by the U.S. Mint prior to 1933, survived the gold bullion confiscation and mass melt-down, and remained in Mint State condition, are extremely rare finds. To purchase PCGS gold coins as an investment or as a collectible call Certified Gold Exchange today at 1-800-300-0715 to open a free account and acquire discounted pricing.

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