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What’s More Important To You? Saving $1000’s and a Flawless Reputation or Paid Celebrity Endorsements? Fire the Middle Man! Buy Gold Directly From The Certified Gold Exchange.

Buy Gold

From 1997 – 2021, Gold Buyers Have Averaged 19.08% Growth Per Year.

How to Buy Gold. You Choose Between

Gold & Silver Storage at Brinks

  • Free Home Delivery – Your gold or silver purchase is delivered confidentially and insured to your home or office.
  • Personal Storage Account – Choose to have your purchase sent to Brinks or Delaware Depository.
  • Transfer or Rollover – To buy gold from a qualified 401k or IRA, click here.

You Select Your Metals From

  • Gold and Silver Bullion


  • Some bullion sales have reporting requirements, depending on the product and quantity sold.
  • Weight and purity guaranteed by government and recognized bank or mint hallmark.
  • Lower buy/sell spreads than any other product class.
  • U.S. Pre-1933 Private Certified Coins
  • PCGS & NGC certification helps thwart counterfeiters and guarantees grade.
  • U.S. legal precedence protected these coins during the bullion confiscation from 1933-1973.
  • 100% privacy when buying or selling any quantity.


*Minimum Order: $50k in Bullion or Private Certified Coins. We do have reputable dealers in our network with much lower minimums, so please call us for a referral.

  • Accepted Forms of Payment and Shipping Times:
  • Bank Wire Transfer 3 Business Days
  • Personal Check 10 Business Days
  • Company Check 10 Business Days

It’s a great time to buy gold because:

  1. The majority of analysts predict gold values will reach between $2,400 and $3,100 in the next 24 months.
  2. Physical gold and silver are the world’s most sought after safe haven assets. Can you think of a better time in the last 100 years to seek safety for your wealth?
  3. Buy gold because in 2021 our nation’s national debt will surpass 30 trillion. Additionally according to  Social Security and Medicare burdens are over 120 trillion, so buy gold before your dollars purchasing power shrinks.
  4. Purchase gold as an alternative to traditional bank savings. U.S. banks don’t have your money sitting in a vault, because they lent it out for autos, homes and credit lines. Just 5 – 7 percent of depositors seeking their money could cause a major run on most U.S. banks. Yes, the money is insured, but you could be waiting for 2 – 10 years before you ever see a cent. We have called the FDIC and they have said there is no set time frame to fulfill claims. Wouldn’t it be smart to buy gold or silver before the inevitable bank run arrives?

We know you’ll love our free 2021Gold and Silver Smart Moves Guide & 7 Blunders Report. To download your complimentary copy click here now.

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