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How Do I Buy Gold Bullion?

Have you thought about buying gold bullion but are unsure how the process works? Have you tried to buy gold before but felt too much pressure from the salesman? Did you make a purchase, only to find out later that you bought fake gold or a gold-plated metal?

These three scenarios are far too common in the United States. The Certified Gold Exchange Help Desk fields hundreds of calls each day from individuals and institutions who have a strong desire to own gold bullion but have not been able to fulfill that desire due to insecurity, pushy sales tactics, bad experiences or a combination of all three. It is our mission to provide all Americans with the facts they need to make informed gold buying decisions. Thus, we present for your dissection a simple explanation of how to buy gold bullion.

1. Make sure gold bullion is the right product for you. Individuals who typically do well with bullion hold their bars 1-14 months before liquidating those assets. This time frame allows investors to wait for gold to move up 7-9 percent, at which time the gold is sold and profits are realized. Holding gold bullion longer than a year and a half could leave you lying flat on your back, so to speak, as bullion tends to pull back somewhat soon after making significant gains.

2. Choose a gold bullion dealer based on the company’s reputation and the product’s price over spot. Price and reputation alone can be useful indicators of whether an investment is wise, but many reputable dealers charge more than fair market value for gold bullion, and some companies that promote cheap gold bullion (i.e. at or below spot) will disappear as soon as they receive your money. Checking a company’s reputation is easy with the help of the Better Business Bureau ( and you can find good prices by not buying from the first dealer with whom you speak.

3. Decide which gold bullion product to buy. Gold bullion is available in bar and coin form. Discuss your options with your gold dealer before purchasing the bullion product(s) that best meets your needs. Bars are less expensive, while coins (especially fractional coins) would be more useful if you wound up in a “barter-and-trade” environment.

4. Lock in your price up front. Reputable companies will guarantee your price before you send funds by utilizing a recorded transaction confirmation line. This allows the investor one business day to send a bank wire to the company’s receiving bank, at which point email and telephone confirmations of receipt of funds should be made to the investor by the broker. From that point the firm has 10 business days to provide you with valid tracking numbers for your investment.

5. Take delivery and securely store your gold bullion. Certified Gold Exchange ships gold bullion via USPS Registered & Insured Mail from our depository to your door or Post Office. You must provide photo identification and sign for the package. Keep the boxes; they will come in handy when it is time to sell the gold back to us. Purchase a home safe that securely bolts to your home or lease a safe deposit box from your local bank. If the bank goes out of business you will receive a certified letter giving you 90 days to retrieve items left in those lock boxes.

It can be extremely easy to research, buy and store gold bullion for private ownership. Thousands of companies and millions of opinions pollute the investing air but organizations like Certified Gold Exchange are here to help you protect your family and your hard-earned wealth during times when the financial rug has been pulled out from under our entire nation, times like right now. For more information on buying gold bullion or to ask specific questions about how to buy gold bullion with our commission-free assistance, call Certified Gold Exchange directly at (800) 300-0715 today.

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