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"Yes, David, everything was correct. You and Certified Gold Exchange provided very excellent service - Thanks."
 “- Candice H., Atlanta, GA
“"My prayers were literally answered when I found CGE. They helped me set up a diversification strategy with gold and silver and now I know my family and I will be protected from the coming collapse."“- Raymond D., Pittsburgh, PA
“"I sleep well with gold & silver in my IRA."“- Henry K., Salt Lake City, UT
“"I feel very lucky for having chosen CGE to do my gold IRA!"“- Richard P., Champaign Urbana, IL
“"We invested in silver for the first time with Kim Cross a few years ago. She got us out of bad situation with another broker and we haven't looked back since."“- Jennifer H., Midland,TX
“"I am retired NYPD and it took 2 months to get my old custodian to release the funds, and the whole time David Michael White was completely patient and stayed in contact with them as they made me jump through one hoop after the next. Thanks David!"“- Marty A., Lubbock, TX
“"God bless David White and your fine IRA team; life really is about service to mankind."“- Peter A., Anchorage, AK
“"I would highly recommend CGE for a gold Roth IRA like mine."“- Tom G., Little Rock, AR
“"Pat Collins is maybe the greatest adviser on Checkbook IRA for people wanting home delivery of their IRA gold and silver. Pat gives you the pros and cons of home gold IRA programs. Thanks for the help with consolidating my IRAs. This means a lot to a single mother with 3 growing boys."“- Rachel T., Phoenix, AZ
“"My custodian referred me to you folks and it has gone much better than I could have imagined."“- Jimmy G., Lake Forest, CA
“"The Certified Gold Exchange was highly recommended by a member of our congregation. I spoke with Joseph Morton and he took all of the work and worry out of moving my IRA out of stocks and into gold. Thank you Joseph and CGE."“- John E., Jackson, MS
“"Having Joseph’s help with my IRA has been a godsend."“- Karyn C., Harrisburg, PA
“"CGE - You're good people."“- Robbie B., Dublin, OH
“"My first buy was in 2005 with Joseph Morton who recommended American eagle proof coins. Today, December 12, my account is up to $685,000 from the $280,000 I started with."“- Mandy A. Seattle, WA
“"Your IRA team are good people!"“- Steven F., Tampa, FL
“"A self-directed IRA with CGE is the way to go."“- William P., Madison, WI
“"My experience with the Certified Gold Exchange has been great. Pat Collins is a real straight-shooter."“- May H., Boulder, CO
“"I have recommended several co-workers to David Michael White because he really is the smartest investment guy I have worked with. I would also recommend David to you if you’re looking to transfer an IRA to gold or silver."“- Franz Y., Boise, ID
“"With the complete lack of leadership in this nation, I trust CGE to keep me safe."“- Simon C., Grants Pass, OR
“"IRA transfer specialist Pat Collins is super helpful! Glad I found the Certified Gold Exchange."“- Marcus B., Milwaukee, WI
“"I never knew moving my 401k into real gold could be so easy. I would recommend Rusty Manor and the Certified Gold Exchange any day of the week."“- Bobby B., Farmington, MO
“"I started the transfer process with a California company but then I found out CGE had a much better reputation so I switched midstream. The process went 1000% smother after the switch."“- Barry L., Fairfield, CT
“"David Michael White is the best retirement professional I have ever used. Very helpful in saving me money."“- Harish S., Rochester, NY
“"Transferred my wife’s 260k IRA using Certified Gold Exchange with no surprises."“- Karl P., San Jose, CA
“"CGE has the best retirement team in the country!"“- Diana C., Dallas, TX
“"I had two previous employer 401k accounts and two IRAs and Joseph Morton was very helpful converting all 4 accounts to 1 self-directed IRA. Thanks Joe!"“- James K., Denver, CO
“"I don’t trust the government so the home delivery precious metals IRA was perfect for me."“- Edwin M., Casper, WY
“"I was so confused by all the companies I spoke with, but after reading Real Money Magazine, I knew CGE was the company I wanted to work for me."“- Mike J., Providence, RI
“"Thank you for the prompt reply to my request for information, the clear explanations and the fair pricing. Rest assured, I will be buying more soon, as well as recommending CGE and my broker David Michael White to my colleagues."“- Frank W., Cape Elizabeth, ME
“"Stewart Lawson and CGE were like a godsend for me after another company almost talked me into buying something that was more for collectors than investors. Thank you for helping me understand the difference between coins, your reputation speaks for itself."- Tim T., Long Island, NY
“"After talking to a few high-pressure salesmen, finding certified Gold Exchange was practically a miracle. Non-commissioned reps, low prices and free delivery…what more can you ask for?"“- Nancy M., Charleston, WV
“"Thanks David Michael White and all of the CGE staff for making my first venture into the gold market easy as pie!"“- Mary K., Decatur, GA
“"A phone call and an email every time something happens on my account like when you get my check and when you ship out might be a little overkill, but for investors with a touch of paranoia like me, it is truly appreciated. Thanks for all your help David, Kenny and the rest of the CGE staff."“- Linda B., Seattle, WA
“"Your broker Ryan Justice was more than patient with me as I called at least a half a dozen times before I bought my gold coins. You folks have earned my trust and business for life. Thanks for the patience and helpful advice."“- Albert Y., Helena, Montana
“"I found your company to have the lowest price online for gold bullion bars, and after checking your reputation online, I knew it was NOT too good to be true. Thank you for your professionalism and fast, free and confidential shipping."“- Sahim P., Roanoke,VA
“"My broker (Stewart Lawson) didn’t pressure me at all, I got a phone call and an email when they got my wire and when they shipped my gold, and a follow-up call to make sure I was happy with my coins. I couldn’t have asked for an easier transaction – or a lower price for that matter."“- Susan O., Oxnard, CA
“"My wife told me to buy gold almost 10 years ago, and I wish I had listened to my better half sooner. Still, I’m already up 5 percent from when I bought less than a year ago, and we both sleep better at night knowing that we have something besides paperwork in our safe."“- Don R., Portland, OR
“"I retired four years ago and felt so hopeless as I watched my 403(b) shrink each quarter. Luckily, I found Certified Gold Exchange. I transferred my 403(b) into a Gold IRA and I can even take delivery of the gold instead of cash when I take my distributions."“- Woodrow H., Savannah, GA
“"It took my brother three years to convince me to buy gold, and I’m glad I finally listened. Now I buy gold every quarter instead of just letting my money rot in the bank, and I’m already up more than 200 percent in less than five years!"“- Steven B., Tuscon, AZ
“"I was skeptical about buying gold online, especially after talking to some shady dealers. But CGE made me feel completely at ease, my broker David Maxwell answered all of my questions and was extremely patient with me."“- Diane A., Milwaukee, WI
“"David Michael White is very conscientious and great to work with."“- E.B., Tuscon, AZ
“"David Michael White was very informative but not pushy in any way. Delivery and services exceeded what we were promised. We would recommend this firm."“- Susan D., Bristol, CT
“"Kim Cross has been very helpful and it's a pleasure to do business with her and CGE."“- Bryce S., Chicago, IL
“"I appreciate Michael White's attention and unbiased information as I entered the gold market for the first time and had a LOT of questions."“- Linda P., French Lick, IN
“"Michael White and Stewart Lawson were both very helpful, and they were extremely patient since it was my first time buying gold. They are both a credit to CGE and I will most definitely do business with CGE again."“- Wayne W., Helena, MT
“"I’ve been investing with your business for over 10 years and never have I had a single issue. All my gold arrives fully insured and in perfect condition. Thanks!"“- Catherine B. Louisville, Kentucky
“"I never thought gold investing would be so easy. On Monday I called your firm, and by Thursday I had 3 boxes of gold delivered right to my door. Cheers!"“- Michael M. Salem, Oregon
“"I used to be a huge real estate investor back in the day until the market tumbled. Now I’m sitting pretty with certified gold coins and I couldn’t be happier."“- Eugene G. Miami, Florida
“"David Michael White is a true gentleman. He walked me every step of the way to a successful gold investment despite my disabilities. Thank you."“- Mary L. Dallas, Texas
“"Thank you all for the genuine support. With your help I have been able to preserve the wealth in my IRA and profit better than any stock ever dreamed of."“- Linda B. Boston, Massachusetts
“"I’ve been investing in gold for over 20 years and never have I dealt with a company like yours. Thank you Michael White and Kim Cross for all the great help!"“- Julie B. Wyoming, Michigan
“"When I first did business with you, I was a little skeptical. Nearly 10 years later, I now know that there is nobody in the industry that does it better than you."“- Larry H. Charlotte, North Carolina
“"After my wife passed away, my investments, along with my life fell apart. David Michael White helped me get everything back together. Thank you so much."“- Alan L. Turbeville, South Carolina
“"Michael White and Kim Cross have made my gold investments as easy as pie. Now I’m fully invested in the gold market with over 400% profit since 2004!"“- Robert M. Los Angeles, California
  • American Eagle Gold Coin

    CGE Sell: Spot + $46.00

    CGE Buy: Spot + $12.50

  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

    CGE Sell: Spot + $28.00

    CGE Buy: Spot + $3.00

  • South African Krugerrand Gold

    CGE Sell: Spot + $32.00

    CGE Buy: Spot + $3.00

  • American Eagle Silver Coin

    CGE Sell: Spot + $0.69

    CGE Buy: Spot + $0.10

  • Silver Polar Bear Coin

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  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin

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  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold

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  • Silver Bullion Bars

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  • Gold Bullion Bars

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