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2015 Gold Price Forecasts & Projections From The World’s Top Experts

Over the last 13 years gold has taken us on an amazing ride, and the yellow metal’s rapid acceleration caused many of us to think, “yes, trees can grow to the sky”. This was the going sentiment for most of the 13 years following the turn of the century.

In 2011, however, we saw a slight correction that at the time could have been viewed as a temporary one, which it at first appeared to be. From September 2011 through March 2013 the gold spot price danced within $300 of the all-time high, before falling severely in mid-April of last year. 2013 ended up being gold’s worst year since 1981.

What do the experts say? 

Here is a list of forecasts from various entities and individuals who have vocalized their projections for where they see the gold spot price heading in 2015. The following gold price projections are forecasts and should not be construed as analytic facts.

Thomson Reuters—————————————————–$1,250

Nomura Securities—————————————————-$1,450

RBC Captial Markets————————————————-$1,400


Goldman Sachs——————————————————-$1,200

B of A/Merrill Lynch————————————————-$1,356


Larry Edelson, Real Wealth Report——————————$2,300


John Henderson, Seeking Alpha———————————$3,000

Carsten Fritsch, Commerzbank analyst————————-$1,300

Bob Lenzer, Forbes columnist————————————$5,000

Martin Murenbeeld, Dundee Capital Markets——————$1,550

James Turk, GoldMoney——————————————$8,000

Suki Cooper, Barclays analyst————————————$1,205

Dennis Van Ek, Mercer analyst———————————-$9,000

Standard Chartered————————————————$1,900

David Wilson, Citi analyst—————————————–$1,250

Dr. Peter Achutha, economist————————————$2,250

Rolf Schneebeli—————————————————–$3,600

Jeff Rhodes Consultancy——————————————-$1,279———————————————————$1,261


Sonia Herwig, Heraeus analyst———————————–$1,305

Certified Gold Exchange——————————————-$1,486

Who has the crystal ball?

As you can tell, there is very little consensus among analysts and investment banks about where the price of go in 2015. Each of the aforementioned forecasts comes from different parts of the globe, and each analyst and economist sees things differently. Will gold’s value increase in 2015, or will it decrease? Maybe gold will remain in the same price range as it is today.

Forecasters with bullish predictions have mentioned the never-ending threat of black swan events that tend to make gold surge, as well as dollar devaluation, as their motivating factors for believing that gold will rise. Gold bears believe that the U.S. economy is strengthening and that inflation is no longer a threat to the dollar. Who is right, and who is wrong?

No reputable gold dealer can answer that question, because no one can accurately predict the future of gold prices. Certified Gold Exchange and its analyst feel confident that the growing U.S. debt, combined with excessive printing of currency and interest rates that have been at less than 1% for far too long, will cause the gold spot price to rise. However, we believe even more in making you an informed investor. Our free gold investing insider guides and our flagship Real Money Magazine, are available free-of-charge to all serious investors. If you believe that gold has a bright future then give us a no-obligation ring at 1-800-300-0715 and let’s chat about the awe-inspiring power and security that physical gold and silver provide.

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